Looking For A Paint Spelled Potassium Bonnett!

I can offer pure, items, almost anything you want for one
I have one with Rotten Orange Footprints which may be used in an offer :)

Please post your offers below if you have one or know where one is!
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hey im selling The Grand Duchess Fairy Wing with spectral spectrum for 1.50 or do me a good offer
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I have a unique potassium bonnet and selling it for 10 keys and 25 ref!
Only looking for spelled ones
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I don't really know how much it's worth but i have Trouble maker tossle cap with die job. What could you give me for that? (I accept everyting)
Added you to discuss ik where one is
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i have die job graybanns, dogfighter and Practitioner's Processing Mask
hi my Australian Huntsman's Essentials-Spectral Spectrum+Voices From Below+Team Spirit and Epic Specialized Killstreak Carbonado Botkiller Flame Thrower - Halloween Fire+Exorcism --Sheen:Hot Rod -----interests?
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