Hello! ^^

Welcome to my shop #1

Having trouble getting rid of an item? Looking for a place to sell it?
Get some quick metal here then!
In my shop, I am paying you 85% of your items value in pure (Keys&Ref).

There are few rules:

➀ If I have fivecopies of your item, I will not buy it.
➁ I don't pay extra for applied paint.
➂ I don't pay extra for Halloween effects.
➃ I don't pay extra for strange parts.
➄ I don't pay extra for special level and craft number.

If you haven't figured it out, this is how you calculate the value of your item:

Let's say your item is worth 10 Ref - 10 * 0,85 = 8,55 Ref

I'm buying everything on this list, for 85% of their low-end backpack price. Even though your item doesn't appear on the list, I'm still buying it! :)

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Add me for fast trade
Thank you! :D
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at least make your prices fit the reality.
Added to sell Dr Sapper Topper for 2.11 (from 2.55 due to 85%).
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.