Selling A Rare Spelled Banana

Extremely rare rotten orange footprints potassium bonnett
High tier footprints - matching colour

Current Offers :

// //
PE Harmburg | 43 Keys
Spectral Hard-Headed Hardware | ~3 Keys
Spectral Genuine Chicken Hat | ~1-2 Keys
Strange Spectral / Voices Cute Suit #85 | ~10 Keys?
After Dark #55 | At least 1-2 keys
Ham Shank #21 | ~10+ keys?

Total : ~68-70 keys
// //
Pro. KS Cool Blitzkrieg Knife (WW) | ~40 keys
Circling Heart Backbiter's Billycock | 22-23 Keys

Total : ~62-63 Keys
// //
Cash via | $110
// //
Tesla Coil Infernal Impaler | 40 Keys
Sweets | ~6 Keys

Total : ~46 Keys
// //

Offer up :)

Item may be being brokered by a friend :)
Gon Freecss
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Can i eat it please? I wanna taste the spell mmmmm
It's slightly toasted- sorry
Gon Freecss
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Ah damn :/
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How much would you be looking for in pure?
Looking for offers right now, my buy out would probably be ~100 keys. Feel free to offer though
Much love, good luck selling that giant supply of potassium! <3
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Looks Tasty To Me. But It Costs 200 USD To Eat It, Not Worth It. Sorry Bro.
been offered around 80-90, maybe someone else would like to eat it
Snowy Taco-Road2Riches
not many people would buy at this price, the Halloween effect is worth that much and may not be around anymore but The hat itself is worth 10-11keys and My offer is 11 Keys pure,
How many times have you been offered a Huge price for a effect that is only activated Once a year
Huh? It's activated every full moon, and on almost EVERY community server.
I've been offered around 80 keys and 60 keys in $, so get out
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.