Selling A Rare Spelled Banana

Extremely rare rotten orange footprints potassium bonnett
High tier footprints - matching colour

Current Offers :

// //
PE Harmburg | 43 Keys
Spectral Hard-Headed Hardware | ~3 Keys
Spectral Genuine Chicken Hat | ~1-2 Keys
Strange Spectral / Voices Cute Suit #85 | ~10 Keys?
After Dark #55 | At least 1-2 keys
Ham Shank #21 | ~10+ keys?

Total : ~68-70 keys
// //
Pro. KS Cool Blitzkrieg Knife (WW) | ~40 keys
Circling Heart Backbiter's Billycock | 22-23 Keys

Total : ~62-63 Keys
// //
Cash via | $110
// //
Tesla Coil Infernal Impaler | 40 Keys
Sweets | ~6 Keys

Total : ~46 Keys
// //

Offer up :)

Item may be being brokered by a friend :)
Gon Freecss
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Can i eat it please? I wanna taste the spell mmmmm
It's slightly toasted- sorry
Gon Freecss
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Ah damn :/
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How much would you be looking for in pure?
Looking for offers right now, my buy out would probably be ~100 keys. Feel free to offer though
Much love, good luck selling that giant supply of potassium! <3
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Looks Tasty To Me. But It Costs 200 USD To Eat It, Not Worth It. Sorry Bro.
been offered around 80-90, maybe someone else would like to eat it
not many people would buy at this price, the Halloween effect is worth that much and may not be around anymore but The hat itself is worth 10-11keys and My offer is 11 Keys pure,
How many times have you been offered a Huge price for a effect that is only activated Once a year
Huh? It's activated every full moon, and on almost EVERY community server.
I've been offered around 80 keys and 60 keys in $, so get out
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.