Navy Numbers
Hey there!

I am looking into buying some Strange Festives for the following prices listed bellow. I WILL NOT add extra for Strange Parts, Killstreaks, etc. NO SKINS.

Sandman: 10 Ref
Pistol: 10 Ref
Shovel: 10 Ref
Axe: 10 Ref
Scottish: 10 Ref
Natasha: 10 Ref
Jag: 10 Ref
Kritzkrieg: 6 Keys
Quick-Fix: 10 Ref
Kukri: 10 Ref
Spy-Cicle: 10 Ref
I sent the offer xD
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Are you interested in Festivized Strange Specialized Killstreak Sniper Rifle with 2 parts ?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.