/SMaRT/ Fierra Empyrion
Selling a GORGEOUS 1 of 4 probably forever Roboactive Bunsen Brave.

I LOVE this hat and really don't want to sell it, but I will for the right offer.
No set price, but anything less than 75 PURE will be laughed off!

Here's what I'm looking for:

Specifically looking for all-class or heavy hats. Preferably with one of the following effects:
Spellbound or Arcana
Poisoned Shadows, Chirotera Venenata, or Something Burning This Way Comes
Darkblaze, Hellfire, or Demonflame
It's a Mystery to Everyone or It's a Puzzle to Me
Nether Flame, Ether Trail, Ancient Eldritch, or Eldritch Flame

Past offers:
Miami Nights Vive La France + 1 Key - From: I'm Hoovy and I Know It - Result: A sensible chuckle
Spellbound Backwards Ballcap - From: MJC | Captainfluffy - Result: Serious consideration, but not a class I play
I'm Hoovy
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K good luck on offers <3
Captain Fluffy Hugs.tf
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Would an russain like you be able interest you in somthing fast? My spell bound backwards ballcap, yet are u able to add?
Excellent offer, my favorite effect even! But I just can't justify it t on my least played class.
Captain Fluffy Hugs.tf
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Awww dat sucks than :/ thought u played abit of scout aswell seeing there both hitscan based
Captain Fluffy Hugs.tf
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Seeing i love playing heavy aswell. Yet i play mutible classes from best to good i guese soldier,heavy,spy,scout,sniper,pyro
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Slightly interested on this, feel free to check my backpack and tell me if you like something. Cheers
Lol alright
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.