Infinite Master
Buying these items for prices below:

Decal tool: .77 ref
Tour of Duty: 13 ref
Name tag: 6 ref
Description tag: .77 ref
Backpack expander: 10 ref or a key for 3
Earbuds: 1 key 15 ref
Bills hat: 1 key 10 ref (may change for paint)

Send me a trade offer and it will be accepted Immediately:
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i have a white bills price?
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man i sell 7 ticket for 91 ref
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I sell my bills for 3 keys he is painted black
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bills hats painted white 1 key 30 ref
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Selling A TODT
how much u offering for a white bills hat
Austin Thunder ◢ ◤
1 key 28 ref for my purple bill's
i have a white bill's hat ill do 1 key and 32 ref (it goes for 2 keys based on bp)
Delicious Sauce
I have an australium gold bills hat, how much will you want to buy this for?
Got a pink Bill's Hat
The Dinkster
What would you offer on a black bills?
I need sell my three bills (lime, white and black), how much u can pay me?
i have 2 bills one painted white and other pink i could give for 2.1 keys
I sended you an offer of Bill's hat value of teamwork painted for 2 keys
Yo i gotta white bills hat, added you
check your offers mate
BOT EdetRo
how much for a corpse grey footprints, team spirit bill's hat ?
You still buying TODs? Ill send you a trade if you would still buy
Please change the notes, you have escrow..
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.