Witch Doctor Waka
Hello, I am trying to find my old Professional Killstreak Strange Pan. I believe it was Hot Rod Singularity. I am willing to pay Cash or Top Key Value for it back! NOTE: It MUST be my pan meaning I will know it's not if I look threw the history.

Now if you are asking why don't I just track it down via bp.tf? Problem is I've been told it's in a Private Backpack. Meaning getting it may be impossible. However I am making this post in the hopes I will get it back.

Comment below if you find it!
Good luck finding it
Witch Doctor Waka
Thank you. Was a gift from a friend so I really want it back. I traded when I thought I was quitting tf2.
Iron hands champion
Hope you find it!
Witch Doctor Waka
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i can trade with you
When did you have it last in your possession?
Witch Doctor Waka
It was a long while ago. Maybe over a year. I already had someone try to look for it via BP.tf but they said it's in a private bp. I tried adding the guy who had it before that and they wouldn't add me for me to ask them.
Damn. OK, well good luck then. :)
Hope you find it mate. <3
Witch Doctor Waka
Thanks friend
i mean i have that exact pan but i checked my history and you never owned mine so GL Finding it man!
Witch Doctor Waka
Sadly there is bound to be a few similar to it. Thank you for checking though!
alway rember happy day
It is for sure in a private backpack. Your only option is to try add the guy who was last known to have it again or find a way to talk to him to know where it went. I am searching for an item myself and I believe to have found it after asking the last owner.
Witch Doctor Waka
Problem is I tried adding the last owner and they didn't accept. Their comments are also friends only so cannot even ask them via profile.
alway rember happy day
Yes, it's unfortunate but your only option is really to try to add him again.
papers please
i know your friend gave it to you but why do you need that specific one so bad if it's just a frying pan?
Witch Doctor Waka
Because I regret getting rid of it. So I just really want the exact one back. I sold another gift I got but I actually found the exact one and was able to get it back.
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