Witch Doctor Waka
Hello, I am trying to find my old Professional Killstreak Strange Pan. I believe it was Hot Rod Singularity. I am willing to pay Cash or Top Key Value for it back! NOTE: It MUST be my pan meaning I will know it's not if I look threw the history.

Now if you are asking why don't I just track it down via bp.tf? Problem is I've been told it's in a Private Backpack. Meaning getting it may be impossible. However I am making this post in the hopes I will get it back.

Comment below if you find it!
screaM -iwnl-
Good luck finding it
Witch Doctor Waka
Thank you. Was a gift from a friend so I really want it back. I traded when I thought I was quitting tf2.
Iron hands champion
Hope you find it!
Witch Doctor Waka
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i can trade with you
When did you have it last in your possession?
Witch Doctor Waka
It was a long while ago. Maybe over a year. I already had someone try to look for it via BP.tf but they said it's in a private bp. I tried adding the guy who had it before that and they wouldn't add me for me to ask them.
Damn. OK, well good luck then. :)
Hope you find it mate. <3
Witch Doctor Waka
Thanks friend
i mean i have that exact pan but i checked my history and you never owned mine so GL Finding it man!
Witch Doctor Waka
Sadly there is bound to be a few similar to it. Thank you for checking though!
It is for sure in a private backpack. Your only option is to try add the guy who was last known to have it again or find a way to talk to him to know where it went. I am searching for an item myself and I believe to have found it after asking the last owner.
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