Xavier the Neko |X❤K|
Mann Co. Painting Set - 2 Keys
Killstreak Sniper Rifle Kit - 15 Ref
Killstreak Kritzkrieg Kit - 7 Ref
Killstreak Spy-cicle Kit - 6 Ref
Killstreak Axtinguisher Kit - 5 Ref
Killstreak Ubersaw Kit - 4 Ref
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Strangifier - 3 Ref

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I'm interested in the spy-cicle. However, the price of 6 refined metal is simply absurd, there are many people here willing to trade it for one. so here is my offer:
Spy-cicle for 1 scrap metal and 3 or 4 hats.
Sorry that was a typo, send the trade
If you can find another shotgun strangifier,ill buy it for sure.
Xavier the Neko |X❤K|
Sorry I haven't got any of those lately
Xavier the Neko |X❤K|
UNLESS you mean speicalized killstreaks and then I have 2 in total
sheen? Agonizing emerald or any lime sheen ill take it?
Xavier the Neko |X❤K|
Specialized Killstreak Shotgun Kit - 1 Key + 15 Ref Sheen: Team Shine Specialized Killstreak Shotgun Kit - 1 Key + 15 Ref Sheen: Manndarin
Warpig - shitty internet
U got ks flamethrower basic pls or spec if u price it under 8 ref
Xavier the Neko |X❤K|
nope sadly :c
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.