Please do not add me, send a trade offer instead. If you need to add me, comment on my profile first.


Prices are in pure and firm, so do not offer less. Item/unusual overpay is required.

Aces High Modest Pile of Hat: 20 keys, 27+ in items/unusuals ( price: 24 keys)
Starstorm Insomnia Hong Kong Cone: 60 keys, 92+ in items/unusuals ( price: 85 keys) - sold
Stormy Storm Front Runner: 18 keys, 24+ in items/unusuals ( price: 21.5 keys)
Disco Beat Down Hermes: 20 keys, 25+ in items/unusuals ( price: 22.5 keys) - sold
Aces High Razor Cut: 13 keys, 18+ in items/unusuals ( price: 16 keys) - sold
Green Energy Blast Defense: 50 keys, 76+ in items/unusuals ( price: 71.5 keys) - sold
Aces High Gym Rat: 8 keys + 22 ref, 11+ in items/unusuals ( price: 9.5 keys)
Stormy Storm Otolaryngologist´s Mirror: 12 keys + 15 ref, 16+ in items/unusuals ( price: 14.5 keys)

Asking only for small overpay in Australiums. Please do not offer skin/unusual weapons, unpriced unusuals, 2016 halloween effects, or taunts in general, I have zero interest in these. I´m not interested in upgrading either.
dead dragon
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Gonna be back for that Blast Defense in 2 days.
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I offer 11 keys for the medic hat
Captain Fluffy
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18 + 10 ref for the modest?
Constance Nebbercracker
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7 keys for gym rat?
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I'd trade 10 keys pure and a Smoking Stout Shako (13 keys) For your Stormy Storm Otolaryngologist´s Mirror :)

23 keys total :)
Ps the keys will be trade-able this monday (two day)
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Would you sell your modest for 18 keys?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.