Bobby [Trade Offers Only]
1/1 Strange Sunbeams Neckwear Headwear
I unboxed this so fine with keeping for a while
Video: https://you...2LnG2I
(Admittedly i unboxed on alt acc, because ive used up all my steam market sales on this acc)

1/1 in the world strange

B/O Price: 325 keys
Normal is 250

Open to offers
Mass overpay in anything that isnt gen 1 or old halloween
Mass mass overpay in robo hats/effects
Mega mass overpay in unusual weps
More than 80% overpay in taunts and god tier crafts (Not a joke dont like them lol)
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Would you like a Blizzardy Storm Frenchman's Beret and some refined metal? Let me know if interested
very bad offer sorry friend, id lose over $550-$600 on that deal, maybe look up prices using :)
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