= ocu = Urirakan cs.money
Welcome to my Spectral Spectrum Spell Shop! :D
Please Read before leaving an offer, i would appricate that alot,
These items has SPELLS, which means they are more than bp.tf price by alot, So. just leave ur offers here or add me or send a trade offer, ur free to do any of those :D
i also accept cs go items c:
Also i have more TF2 items with spells Here! http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/608527
Send your offers here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=168674209&token=ri34FMBO
Have a good day
♥ 5pb ♥
Finally a Bootie Time without foot spells, Ya mind a 1:1 with my non footprint spell item?
what is this non footprint spell item exactly?
♥ 5pb ♥
Ah ya know, the ol'classic Big-mann on Campus. Then again I could change the offer since I got nothing new in terms of spells
You Mad Bruh?
price range-ish for chameleon?
5-6 ish keys, its a part of my set and dare i say, its themed if worn with other spectral items, cuz u know, chameleons change colour
How much for the made man?
Hey, i wanted to offer some spelled for spelled items if that okay c;
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