Bobby [Trade Offers Only]
Love Is In The Air
Circling Heart All Class Hats

Federal Casemaker

-1/2 on the market
-1/1 with a price

Price - 215 keys

Tipped Lid
-1/2 on the market
-Cheapest on the market
Price - 225 keys

Cotton Head
-1/1 on the market
Price - 190 keys

Offer Away
Semi Interested in expanding this collection
Pure > Rack/Stash And Knifestorms Offers > Other Offers

Overpay In Unusuals
Mass Mass Overpay In 3rd+ Gen Effects/Robo Hats
Trade Offers Only Please
★ JRatt
Interested in my C Heart Winter Woodsman?
not buyin it for yo crazy unusual price, considering pe is down to 240 its inflated and im not rly interested
★ JRatt
Thought so
Would you take a Burning Fro and a T.Watt Chullo for the Cotton? (both clean obviously)
Sent trade offer
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.