Team Captain - 6.88 REF
Weight Room Warmer - 9 REF
Snow Scoper - 5.77 REF
Antarctic Researcher - 6.22 REF
Antarctic Parka - 11.44 REF
Merc's Muffler - 4.66 REF
Tartan Tyrolean - 1.55 REF

Pure or Overpay! (Hats/Items) I don't accept Skins! Don't add me!
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Trade Offert: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=258172639&token=DW6oPtkU
Auggie from Lambda
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offer sent
Franz Valentine
Offer sent for the Weight Room Warmer
Johnny Bravo
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Offer sent for Antarctic Researcher :D
Johnny Bravo
Sent Offer of 10.66 ref for Antarctic Parka
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7.77 For Team Captain
Sent offer for Antarctic Researcher
sent offer for mercs muffler
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