Draco Blaze
Might as well list these while back for the holiday trading season again.
All of these should be the last Chemistry Set versions of their respective cosmetics (except the Digit Set).
Proof: http://www...metics
- The Cannonball set with ID 2619422719 was reported to be deleted by the last owner. Hasn't been seen in years, so most likely deleted.

Weight Room Warmer: 1 of 2
Itsy Bitsy Spyer: 1 of 2 - Now 199/200. Moved here: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/29371923
Cotton Head: 1 of 3
Ritzy Rick's Fixative: 1 of 2
Digit Divulger: 1 of 3
Koala Compact: 1 of 3
Das Metalmeatencasen: 1 of 1
Human Cannonball: 1 of 2*

No BOs. Hit me with offers.

I will make separate inidvidual trade once a set reaches 199/200.
Saber Moon
how much are you looking to get out of them, i dont have a lot but im willing to offer what i can for a few of them
Draco Blaze
Last time each set was listed they pulled offers over 100 keys each. The spyer, cotton head, and cannonball are almost at 199/200 as well.
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How much for the das?
Jerry Seinfeld
what are you looking for on the meatcasen?
Draco Blaze
Last offer was ~136 keys
I ain't got much items to trade for one of your fancy Collector Chemistry sets but if somehow we can make an agreement for one or so it'd be great. If it's alright with you please add me to discuss this topic. Really interested in making a Collector item from x200 scratch or less. Thank you.
what would your price be on the cotton head collectors kit
Also interested in the Cotton head kit!
A Slightly Obese Elf
Interested in a searing plasma topped lid and sweets for any?
added to talk
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How much pure would you take minimum on collector's ritzy rick?
Leaving an offer of 140 keys for the meatencasen!
buying a Collector's Degreaser Chemistry Set if u find one msg me
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