Selling! Some Hats:
↓↓ Buyout Below ↓↓

Noble Amassment of Hats . 70 keys
Safe'n'Sound . 15 keys
Anger . 25 keys
Big Country . 40 keys
Ye Olde Baker Boy . 28 keys
A Rather Festive Tree . 55 keys
Professional's Panama . 11 keys
Trophy Belt . 25 keys

I am looking for pure / mixed offers / unusual overpay / csgo offers / australium & strange weapons / expensive items

Selling & Buying other items:
My Trade Offer Link :
Bola - bzg!
My Green Energy Texas Ten Gallon for your GE Big Country + 15 keys?
Clean SF Tricorne for the tree?
35 pure and a g. fetti buckaroo's hat clean, 1st gen, painted, with a spell, for festive g. energy tree?
looking for more
awkward fuck
This user hid their own post.
Dead pres. Galvanized Gibus for trophy belt + panama if I add?
not interested in the gibus :/ sorry
its ya boi
That Big Country is Duped would you take 30
55 full pure for your GE Tree. You are now unable to trade so please let me know when you are available.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.