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Little Green Man, Clayton
Please comment offers or comment before you add, Thank you :D and Prices are on my backpack here in pure keys, also check out my backpack for even more unusuals!

Miami Nights Antlers: 200

Polar Pullover Miami lights: 175

Stormy Storm Virtual Viewfinder: 175

Kill-a-Watt Polar Pullover: 160

Anti-Freeze Stainless Pot ***GLITCHED*** (effect is upside down): 140

Circling TF Logo Nunhood: 65

Circling Peace Sign War Pig: 70

Strange Unusual Specialized Killstreak Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker: 60

Trade Link:

Also interested in paypal if you have serious rep, I can sell on as well

trust on here:
Dimitri The pp mAESTRO
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fod zoomin broom + 9 keys + 2 key strange for polar pullover?
would you mind posting and linking some screenshots for the pot?
I can try to find some but I'm not sure if I uploaded any at the moment, If you prefer I could show you in game
I’d love to see it in game, sadly, I won’t be on until this weekend, (due to preperation for finals.) if you could either get some screenshots and post the link, or wait until this weekend. I’ll be eternally grateful.
I can do both :) I'll add you so we can more easily discuss
The Little Merman
H.Ghosts KE for viewfinder and pot
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.