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Multinusual (downgrade) and australium offers are welcome! No overpay required!
1 - 45 key
2 - 45 key
3 - 18 key
4 - 18 key
5 - 18 key
6 - 18 key
7 - 40 key
8 - 18 key
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Hey would you be interested in a blizzardly storm bonk boy for the ye oiled baker boy (power surge) i can add some items if necessary :)
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Add 2 key and deal
ok can the 2 keys be in items?
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In items ok also
Would you consider a 40 key unusual (Death at Dusk Backbiter's Billycock) + 5 extra keys to cover for the price of the Death Racer's Helmet? Cheers
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Send me trade offer pls
Mate didn't see your trade offer until i made the offer myself, but i canceled and accepted your trade :) do you have the items ?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.