Starstorm Slumber Mo'horn - 23 keys
Hot Factory New Low Profile Professional Killstreak SMG - 22 keys
Green Confetti Large Luchador - 27 keys
Blizzardy Storm Defiant Spartan - 20 keys
Purple Energy Hetman's Headpiece - 24 keys
Green Confetti Familiar Fez - 18 keys
Aces High Noble Nickel Assessment of Hats - 17 keys
Spectral Swirl Most Wanted - 17 keys

Mainly looking for Pure, Mixed, Overpay and/or Downgrade offers, however I am open to any kind of offer, so feel free offer anything! I am very negotiable! :)

Send me a trade offer, or add me to discuss.
Please send a trade offer or add me rather than posting here, you will get a much faster response.

My backpack.tf profile: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198156255538

Nothing here interest you? Check my profile for more unusuals!
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would you 1:1 the defiant spartan with a c9 employee of the mmmph?
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Willing To Quicksell?
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Bubbling Professionals Panama + Bubbling Magistraes Mullet for the Mo'horn?
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.