Hello Outpost users!

I am currently taking offers on 8 awesome unusuals!

Mainly looking for Pure, Mixed, Overpay and/or Downgrade offers, however I am open to any kind of offer, so feel free offer anything! I am very negotiable! :)

Molten Mallard Condor's Cap - 80 keys
Tesla Coil Coldsnap Cap - 105 keys
Scorching Flames A Rather Festive Tree - 130 keys
Frostbite Toy Soldier - 70 keys
Starstorm Slumber Galvanized Gibus - 70 keys
Circling Heart Das Maddendoktor - 75 keys
Green Energy Outta' Sight - 85 keys
Sunbeams Tyrant's Helm - 145 keys

Send me a trade offer, or add me to discuss.
Please send a trade offer or add me rather than posting here, you will get a much faster response.

My backpack.tf profile: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198156255538

Nothing here interest you? Check my profile for more unusuals!

Thanks for reading, and happy trading!
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Interested in a steaming noble amessment?
-GoV- dak1ne
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sent you an offer.
Not overpaying in an upgrade. I could maaybe do like 400 in stuff of my choice, if interested add me, otherwise not interested.
-GoV- dak1ne
400 is very low, the offer was fair imo.
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Hellfire Lucky shoot+aussie spec ks bb for tree
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.