Great items for great prices! Add me or offer here! Trade offers are also welcome and probably my fastest way of seeing your offer. Please post offers here before you add me. I give discounts for pure, and I also allow slight overpay in downgrade offers / australiums. Thanks!

Clean DBD Tossle Cap - 57 Keys
Clean Kill a Watt Whoopee - 18 Keys
Clean Aces Baker - 12.5 Keys
Clean Nuts n Bolts Brainiac - 24 Keys
Clean P. Fetti Industralizer - 16 Keys
Clean Flies Kabuto - 13.5 Keys

Again, I give slight discounts in pure and minor overpay if your offer is australiums / downgrade offers (mixed offers are also fine). Please add me then post your offer or just send a trade offer, thanks!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.