TeaCup Scorpion
Selling my clean VIVID Plasma Team Captain. ONLY 10 exist. Arguably the best multi-class hat....................... Looking mainly for pure but always interested in the hats listed on the right with slight overpay.

Pure price = 200 keys

listed hats Overpay = 220 keys

offers = 240 keys.

Send a trade offer or add me if it is not in my BP.
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Clean Harvest Moon juju plus 50 pure.
TeaCup Scorpion
Thanks for the mixed offer but i'm looking for a fair bit more than that.
And that would be how many extra pures ?
TeaCup Scorpion
50 pure.
Too much for me, thanks for ur time. Gl.
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A clean Cloudy Moon Tree and 1/1 for sale knifestorm one man army and 5 pures.
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