Buying Taunts

Taunt: Fresh Brewed Victory @ 6.66 ref
Taunt: Skullcracker @ 9.66 ref
Taunt: Square Dance @ 10.33 ref
Taunt: Flippin' Awesome @ 11 ref
Taunt: Most Wanted @ 11.66 ref
Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors @ 13.33 ref
Taunt: The High Five! @ 15.33 ref
Taunt: Bad Pipes @ 16 ref

Any extentions to the cosmetics will not effect the prices.(paints, spells, killstreak, etc)

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[EVL] Shadster_
added for square dance
Black Power Ranger
High-five 21 ref
Results are in 5 ref
i see you 4 ref
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