FUNgineeR༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Hello, I am poor ... plz donate. Just kidding :^D

I am Scrap Banking. 1 weapon for 1 scrap. Thats basically it :)
Check my inventory for the weapons i have:

No trade hold.
Send me trade offers only! Most of the time I will respond within minutes.

Special Deals:
- buy 10 weapons get 1 for free (10 weapons for 9 scrap)
Dapper Dino 1
I can give you scrap metal for a diamond back or letranger
just send a trade offer
Mr. Man
You Do realize 2 Weapons = 1 Scrap Right?
Wait till monday i got lots to buy off of u ;)
maybe u can give me 10 weapons for 8 scraps cause imma buy a decent amount :3
sry can only do 9 scraps per 10 weapons :S
btw when i say "decent" i mean about 65 weapons. so plz do consider 10 weapons for 8 scraps ;) (or even 8.5 :P)
if u really can't do it then ok lol. thanks for considering anyways
8.5 scrap per 10 seems fine if you rly buy that much :) so its 56 scrap for 65 weapons
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Cool. Imma get u a professor's specs too as a gift tmr ;) hate the constant alarms about it so might as well give it tp ya. U seem like a nice enough fellow lol
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.