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Hello there!
Looking to buy any
discounted Killstreak Kits!

How to offer?
Best way is commenting below here / Second best is Trade Offer (if anything wrong I'll counter offer!) / You can add me too but other ways are better!but please comment before adding!
Trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/login/home/?goto=%2Ftradeoffer%2Fnew%2F%3Fpartner%3D162338347%26token%3DOd7J3LIh
Fast add link: steam://fri...604075

KS Kits bought: https://pas...wiTh4Z - prices on this list aren't firm.

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would you take a pro ks shooting star kit for 3 keys 10 ref?
I can pay you 2.5k
3 k
Pharaoh Ramesses II
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I got a Killstreak Minigun Kit; I would like 17.55 for it, but I am willing to negotiate. Just send me an offer.
Well I can pay 11 ref.
Pharaoh Ramesses II
I can get more on Scrap.TF, so you got to go a little higher than that.
Well how many does scrap.tf pay?
Also I would like to see screen shot of scrap.tf paying more.
Pharaoh Ramesses II
I can get 11.66 on Scrap.TF. But they are selling for much higher.
Pharaoh Ramesses II
11.66 on Scrap.TF: https://s26...re.png
Pharaoh Ramesses II
Sorry, getting a bit spammy here, but I constantly press enter to go the a new line, which clearly doesn't work here... The Killstreak Minigun Kit is worth about 17.04 according to Backpack.TF, when I look at it in my backpack: https://s26...e1.png.
Well I can pay same price as scrap.tf.
Pharaoh Ramesses II
If I would take the Scrap.TF price, I would have already sold it to them. Scrap.TF is selling them for 15.33 ref, so I would like 14 ref for mine.
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Pro ks bfb kit for 2 keys 25 ref?
I can pay 1k 10r
1 key 25 ref?
Can't offer more.
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Hey just some basic kits I wanna get rid of, flare gun, vaccinator and huo long
Flare gun 3 ; vacc 2 ; huo 2
Fire Creature
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strange spec ks scatter, 1key 5 ref?
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Would you Buy Professional Killstreak Bonesaw Kit with Hypno-Beam and Villainous Violet for 2 keys?
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Prof. KS Family Bussiness With Tornado Villainous Violet for 3.5 keys?
What would you give me for a pro ks air strike kit with manndarin and tornado?
how much for Professional Killstreak Flare Gun Kit?
1 Key 5 Ref
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.