Hello! Selling a few of my items:

1)Pyromancer's Hood
Paint: A Distinctive Lack of Hue -2 keys

2)Vintage Tippler's Tricorne
Custom Description: A CAPTAINS TRESURE
Paint: Team Spirit-25 ref

3)Genuine Texas Ten Gallon
Paint: A Distinctive Lack of Hue-2 keys

4)Vintage Football Helmet
Custom Name: The golden helmet of awesomeness
Paint: Australium Gold- 10 ref

5)Vintage Hound Dog
Custom Name: i used a nametag on this
Custom Description: Stop there! "puts shades on" Dont mess with me son! *shots* dats right! *combs*
Paint: Team Spirit -22 ref

6)The Hellmet
Paint: Zepheniah's Greed- 8 ref

7)Genuine Robot Chicken Hat
Style: Beakless
Paint: An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge -1 key

8)The Eliminators Safeguard
Paint: Indubitably Green- 8 ref
Matt ©
I give you my personal information and nudes for that hat
nudes are enough
Matt ©
Oh great
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