as above so below
Some nice fetti unusuals for sale

Mullet - 15 keys
Noir - 14 keys
Hoodie - 20 keys
Fedora - 32 keys
Trophy - 30 keys
Nappers - 14 keys

Feel free to offer below or send me a trade offer
If you add a key I can trade a smoking bone done for the mullet.
It's a 1:1 on the market so it's much easier to sell
\\ Tyrael
blizz hallmark for napper if you add
Entity McBlyat
im interested in the nappers respite if you could go lower on the price, perhaps around 11-12 keys
Would you trade the Napper's Respite for a Terror Watt Gentleman's Gatsby?
Hello i'm interested on the Napper , add me ( gonna pay good ) :P
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