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Selling these nice green energy unusuals

Jefe - 95 keys
Tavish DeGroot - 50 keys
Kabuto - 90 keys
Stash - 250 keys
Pyromancer - 165 keys
Beret - 35 keys

Feel free to offer below or send me a trade offer.
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would you do the Beret for 31?
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Clean searing plasma lucky shot with some sweets for the kabuto
Maybe 1 of 1 on the market Clean Hat, Misty Skull Defiant Spartan for Kabuto?
Screaming Tiger Conga Taunt (Clean) + 5 keys pure for the Kabuto + El Jefe?
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i can offer vivid buto + 25 keys for urs
Mr. Plow69
Would you take a Fountain of Delight Yeti smash (6 in the world, 100 keys) 10 keys of overpay
Been trying to get a hold of you for ages. I'm highly interested in your Frenchman's Beret Green Energy. It's my dream unusual. I have about 5 key item overpay if that's okay w/ you.
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I wanted to ask about the Kabuto. I have a 210 keys Fountain of Delight Zoomin' Broom worth 210 keys if that sounds good.
Labrador | AusLevels
I have a scorching flames cockswain's pith helmet and can add pure if needed for G.E kabuto. I also added you to talk about it.
1 of 1, super-clean TF Logo Prehistoric Pullover for the Kabuto?
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Hey i’m offering a unusual taunt second rate of sorcery fountain of delight (104 keys) +4keys for the kabuto killer
glitched normal/stock strange scatter + sweets for ge kabuto
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