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Nice little spy set

Mullet - 15 keys
Hearts Phantom - 60 keys
Noh Mercy - 1300 keys

Feel free to offer below or send me a trade offer
ReTado /
50 keys pure for panthom?
ReTado /
If clean :3
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Would you take a stormy ok snaggle and 3 pure keys for the mullet?
Retro | Explo (COMU)
Hello there, I am interested in buying the Purple Confetti Magistrate's Mullet for 10 keys, please reply as fast as you can, thanks and if you are willing to accept this thank you so much :D
"little set" . Btw could do 10 pure for the Mullet ;3;
Clean Circling Heart Samur-Eye for the Phantom
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.