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  • Expired due to inactivity

Sir Shootsalot @ 2 keys + 23 ref
The Freedom Feathers @ 2 keys + 4 ref
The Lollichop Licker @ 2 keys + 3 ref
The Mann-Bird of Aberdeen @ 1 key + 10 ref
The Caped Crusader @ 1 key + 20 ref
The Second Opinion @ 1 key
Combustible Cutie @ 2 keys + 19 ref
The Head Prize @ 3 keys + 2 ref

Any extentions to the cosmetics will not effect the prices.(paints, spells, killstreak, etc)

Send me a trade offer! -->
Ecstasy™ (Don't ask)
It hurts so much to have an untradable freedom feathers
You wouldn't be interested in a giftwraped one (for of course a much lower price than what you listed in the desc) would you?
your link does not work
Private Pugs
You do not have enough metal for me to send a trade offer
I wanted to trade The Lollichop Licker but you don't have enough keys.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.