Looking for Offers on this Amazing 1 of 1 Circling Heart Antlers!

900 Keys Pure, Unusual Offers must be 1000+
-1 of 1
-All Class Misc
-No Scammers in the History (if you care about that sort of thing)
-Absolutely Beautiful

Not accepting unusual taunts or unpriced unusuals at all

Mostly Interested in Full Pure or Downgrading to Multiple Unusuals + Aussies/Pure
Or working something out for a Golden Pan

I'm not going to 1:1 at all, I'm only Interested in downgrading to multiple unusuals when it comes to unusual offers

Hide = Nty
Take care of em :3
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any intrest in a GE Noh Mercy? only one on the market
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would something like my hearts (rack, trophy belt, master belt, veil (all very clean)) + pro ks aussie sniper + keys pique your interest?
Sniffer [HAX]
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hey man any chace i can add to talk
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