Swiggity Swagger
Current Bp.tf Prices (Try to offer these prices in unusuals, LESS in KEYS)
Killer Exclusive (All Class) - 28-34
Digital Cellular Tower (All Class) - 24
Ghosts Engy Cap - 35
N&B Blast (Glitched* Misc) - 13-15
*Glitched meaning able to be used at the same time as other hats while able to keep on your head when dead or when a health cabinet is used.

Flies mining Light (Misc) - 17-19 SOLD
Black Dehlia (Factory new) - 1.5 Keys
Fetti Hetmans - 13

I can sell for Cash on Marketplace.tf

My Market place shop. Feel Free to Offer

Offer Trade me and give it a shot!
♥ 5pb ♥
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Curious, Whats the glitched part about the Blast Defense
Swiggity Swagger
Hi, you can actually wear it like a misc with the quickswitch trick. So you can wear two hats at the same time.
♥ 5pb ♥
Doesn't this trick works with other hats too?
Swiggity Swagger
Yes, but this one will stay on when you hit a health cabinet or die.
♥ 5pb ♥
Oh okay, here I thought its a glitched level or no Unusual effect
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.