Selling These Collectible Level 100 Haunted Items.

Prices Aren't Negotiable.
Though Considering Item Overpay Offers.
Send A Trade Offer Or Add Me If Interested.
Trade Offer Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=12087337&token=OSsqIT6F

Level 100 H. Medimedes = 10 Keys
Level 100 H. Sir Shootsalot = 20 Keys
Level 100 H. Horsemann's Hand-Me-Down = 4 Keys
Level 100 H. Executioner = 2 Keys
Level 100 H. Coffin Kit = 2 Keys
Level 100 H. Fallen Angel = 2 Keys

More Level 100 Haunted Items I have for trade:
Water Bottles
Who'd pay 10 keys... XD
These are collectible level 100 haunt items. there are collectors who like to collect these type of items. though, it's a niche market and the value can be subjective.
Water Bottles
Ya I understand but 10 keys?! nah
There is a limited and finite amount of haunted items from each year, which adds to their popularity among level collectors. The bird heads are extremely popular just alone and I rarely see ones with collectable levels on the market.
Water Bottles
Oh, I didn't think about limited time, i c
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.