Marketplace.tf - All my hats are listed there..
Mainly interested in downgrading, and pure.

Something Burning This Way Comes Bone Dome - 60 keys

Haunted Ghosts Fruit Shoot - 50 keys

Haunted Ghosts Your Worst Nightmare - SOLD

Sunbeams Stuntsman - 40 keys

Aces High Tipped Lid - 40 keys

Circling Hearts Big Chief - 35 keys

Cloud 9 Burning Bandana - 35 keys

Circling Hearts Spartan - 35 keys

• Pure > Mixed > Unusual Overpay
• Real World Cash has a few options.
➞ Bitcoin
➞ Marketplace.tf
➞ Steam Community Market

Please note in order to trade for one of my hats, you will have to comment / add me about your offer.
> I will then take the hat off marketplace and conduct the trade.
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Haunted Ghosts Elf Esteem + Nuts n' Bolts Noble for Spartan?
You would have to add.
How much?
3 keys, or more in items.
Oof, I'm afraid I don't have that much...
Good luck then
Winter Man
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Phononaut - voltaic hat protector (all-class) + 5 keys for Spartan
Do you have another offer?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.