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☼ Shining
Everything is currently on Add me to trade

Cheapest prices on the market more often than not. If not, let me know! And I may be willing to go lower for pure.

Can also sell for CASH
Pure / Cash = DISCOUNT
Long line of cash rep -

* Mega Strike Taunt: Fresh Brewed Victory - 45 keys
* Ghastly Ghosts Jr Cloud Crasher - 70 keys
* Purple Energy Rebel Rouser - 64 keys
* Sunbeams Tyrant's Helm - 143 keys
* Anti-Freeze War Pig - 270 keys
* Starstorm Slumber War Pig - 65 keys
* Infernal Flames Taunt: Fresh Brewed Victory - 37 keys
* Circling TF Logo Powdered Practitioner - 25 keys

or good Mixed / Item overpay / Unusual overpay

Send me a trade offer -
Feel free to add me if you'd like to discuss or organize a cash trade!

Check out my bp for more! -

I buy entire backpacks! I can pay with keys, cash, or even the unusuals you see above!
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(only 1 in existence!!) Clean Wraith wrap memory leak selling for 60+ [clean/short history / high tier hat ] - for your Rebel

Much Love and happy trading <3
☼ Shining
no thank you
if i add few keys?
☼ Shining
no thanks, man
8keys will help tho?
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no thanks, bud. Not interested
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rebel 37 pure
☼ Shining
best i can do is 40
I won't pay more than 37. Sorry mate.
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no worries, thanks anyway
can we do something like 38 pure+sweets ?
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alright, its in my inventory. send an offer when you get a chance :)
Hey, I just sold my keys on OPskins and I have 33 pure left not sold, yet. But I don't really have sweet that can be count as a 38p+s offer. So yeah. I think you won't go that low. But I can offer something like 33 pure + something you would like to have from opskins ?
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if you can add something worth 6 keys or so, then we're good. I dont mind what
I bought some keys and sent an offer
☼ Shining
thanks, enjoy :)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.