A Lethal Dose of Salvation
Taking offers on these nice hats and miscs :) pretty simple trade, looking for 87 on the crones, 90 on the rack, 60 on the stash, and 18 on the brainiac. Feel free to leave an offer below or send a trade offer, thanks for looking and have a good one

*If the hat isn't in my bp it's either on the scm or on mptf, feel free to add me to discuss an offer!*
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Totaly clean screamin eagle with molten mallard for the stash + i can add sweets as well
no thanks, cheers though
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Atomic A head full of hot air+5 keys for brainiac
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Would holy grail rock paper scissors be acceptable at all?
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16 for the hairpiece
nty sorry
\\ Archangel
My strange juju w/ spells etc and it's a puzzle to me hellmet for the crone's
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.