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☁TTT☁ AxEl
Selling this beautiful unusual for 100 keys / australiums / max heads,its clean
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you can unbox all old Halloween effects this year lol
☁TTT☁ AxEl
yes you are right,they added in the last update
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70 pures ?
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CLEANEST , 2 pepoles history Bs BoA for this beauty <3 :D
(sells for 100+)
☁TTT☁ AxEl
thx for the offer,i have to pass
I got a key to buy but I just bought them so I have to wait to use them in trade :/ I really do want it
☁TTT☁ AxEl
its 90 keys
xX_n00b_Xx |
confusion :100
Clean D@D Danger for it :)
☁TTT☁ AxEl
thx for the offer,love the hat but i have to decline sry
Eh please 😂 big fan of the hat 😭
Reoffering*- Clean HG Fed Fedora.
80 pure?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.