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Quickselling/Quicksell this High Tier (Low Effect) ALL CLASS HAT Unusual! 20% OFF!

Aces High Tipped Lid B/O: 30 Keys
-High Tier HAT
-Decent looking effect!
-Lowest Offer on the Market!
-11 Keys off bp. price (25% off!)

*****If you are offering pure keys, I will beat any other seller of the hat! Trade to me!*****

Can and Will do Upgrades/Downgrades/Mixed!

[/color=#FA380C] If you are interested in my unusual on this post, send me a TRADE OFFER!, comment below, or add me! I don't mind :D

>>> <<<

Thanks and have a good day!
Ash #remove random crits
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Sorry to destroy your dream but this hat is a low tier the effect is one of the warst in the game and the unusual overpriced and by the wat this is not a quicksell
The hat itself average price is 156 keys, so I would consider the hat itself a god tier. The effects OK at best.
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Also you might as well comment that on all the other post that states quick sells with a one or two key discount lmao
Also dont complain about mine post being a quicksell, you have post that state quickselling/quicksell/discounting WITH A 1 KEY DISCOUNT
Ash #remove random crits
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Dude plead this is not a god tier and this is not a quicksell
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Ash #remove random crits
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About my offer if you was any undestandind of trading or reading you was understand thet this is a first gen effect all clasd chep and i dident say its was quicksell i say my discounted price/quicksell i uses it always so pleas first lern how to walk and then speak
Yeah, your grammar is clearly beyond my understanding, take some LA Courses before you slander your crappy grammar over my post and complain about it not being a quicksell. Yet you have post that you state are "Quicksell/quickselling/discounting" with a 1-2 key discount. Stop being a hypocrite and don't talk to me again
Ash #remove random crits
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Dude stop try to do thos things i know thet trading is sometims hard to a new trader bat pleas do not try to do this i have an better understanding in pricing quickselles quickbuys and discounted items PLEAS DO NOT SPEAK WITH ME AGINE evry trying to do thet will be ignord or eiven blockt
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.