TeaCup Scorpion S>S.Casemaker
Doubled Spelled.... "Rotten Orange Footprints" and "Voices from Below"

Not selling for bp.tf SUGGESTED price.

30 keys pure only PRICE.........Only interested in STRANGE/UNUSUAL Blast Defense or a low tier Crones
Send a trade offer or add me if not in my Bp.
Sir FartsAlot
Hello, Im just asking. I have this Unusual Magnificent Mongolian and it has Terror-Watt and a Spell called "Sinister Staining" mind if you guide me through pricing this thing? (heres my link for my trade to show you the mongolian even easier http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/29435170#latest)
I would not ask much more considering the hat to be honest. See the spell as a way to be more attractive to any potential buyer of a TW Mongolian. I would try for full pure at bp.suggeted price for it.
Sir FartsAlot
SHIT OFFER! A GLITCHED Strange UNIQUE Festive Professional Killstreak Shovel.
I might add stuff but we can negotiate and stuff
Can the shovel be listed on the steam market?
Sir FartsAlot
Its marketable but I can't sell it since im steam f2p
Sir FartsAlot
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Sent you offer if you actually want it.
Sir FartsAlot
im just gonna send you a trade offer. Ill just put up alot of unusuals on your side so you wont accept. Its just for making you "examine" that certain shovel. just counter offer me if you will
I'll have a look and add you if i'm interested.
Sir FartsAlot
alrighty. I kinda spent more time in this post more than any other ones xD
Sir FartsAlot
Your kinda taking long tbh, something wrong? or not interested. just tell me
Just had a look now. based on the previous owners B/O. I'll have to pass.
Sir FartsAlot
alright then.
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