Expensive Agnes Plush (Haunted)
Mostly here just seeing what kind of offers I can get on my amazing Unusual hats. I am open to all offers but any lowballs below the suggested prices of each will most likely be ignored.

Bonzo the all-gnawing Dapper: 600 keys pure. More in offers. Clean, short history, 1 of 1 on the market forever! Owner of one unboxed his and hasn't come online in over 2 years, the other said he will never sell any of his unusuals ever for any price (this includes his Dapper)

Time Warp Hat With No Name: 160 keys pure or more in offers. Clean, very short history, 1 of 3 in existence, one being duped (supposedly), the other being in the original unboxers possesion (they have theirs up for sale, but they are requesting 250+ keys in only pure) (SOLD!!!)

Blizzardy Storm White Russian: 25 keys pure or more in offers. Clean, 1 of 9 in existence, Fairly short history commando grade unusual with a nice calm effect. Pairs well with alot of heavy's cosmetics to make a nice set.

The unusual effects I have listed above in the offers slots are among my favorite unusual effects, so odds are if I get an overpay offer with those effects I may consider it more. Also I am not looking to upgrade. Do not offer me anything and ask me to add to it.
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Didn't you also say you wouldn't sell your dapper lmaoooo
Couldn't resist with all the resellability and offers i got lmao.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.