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Pixxi0us want to cashout
Hello Guys
I have diferent unusuals EVERYDAY so keep checking my

All prices are negotiable, don’t be afraid to offer

Price is listed for pure keys or Reasonable overpay with mixed / unusual offers. I can NEGOTIATE Unusual offers.
You can always add me BUT please Leave a comment first saying what you are buying or selling:

Realy interested on High Tier HALOWEEN EFECTS

Trade offer link -
No I don't
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Hey, Would You mind If I add You? I have the keys right now. But I just bought em. I am intrested in the Cloud 9 Hive minder
sure , add me
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Hey would you be interested in a 1:1 trade for your spec ks aussie gernade launcher for my spec ks aussie black box (with damage dealt). thanks.
u would need to add some keys
How many would you be looking?
like 4
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.