SELLING some ODD and RARE tools!
Also...: Strangifiers:
Also...: Paints & Tools:

1. TOOL: Gift-Wrap - PRICE: 1 key - Wrap and send any items to a friend, your name is stamped on the item for all to see :)
2. WEAPON-UPGRADE: Civilian Grade Stat Clock - PRICE: 20 refined - Make your Weapon STRANGE so you can add parts!
3. CRATE (unlocked): Swissimas 2015 Festive Gift (SUPER RARE): 2keys - a festivizer drops when you open it!
4. TAUNT: Winter Noise Maker - PRICE: 1 refined - A Jingling Taunt with Snow! (infinite uses)

5. TOOL: Enternaween - PRICE: 2 reclaimed - Turn the whole server you are playing on into Halloween mode! - CHEAPEST ON OUTPOST - (STOCK:0 SOLD:32)
6. Secret Saxton - PRICE: 3 refined - Gives a random gift (and announces it publicly) to a random person on your server! - - (STOCK:2 SOLD:12)
7. TOOL: Giftapult - PRICE: 1 reclaimed - Send any of your items (even non-trade items) to a random online TF2 user! - CHEAPEST ON OUTPOST - (STOCK:10 SOLD:22)
8. GAME: Duel - PRICE: 1 refined - 50 for 1 Key - Challenge another player for a duel! - The only 'in-game' game in TF2!!! You get 5 games, they each last as long as you want. (STOCK:100+ SOLD:240)

1 key can be replaced by 40 refined metal

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hey i have question for stat cloack can i put it on every skin weapon or? like or something?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.