Please do not add me, send a trade offer instead. If you need to add me, comment on my profile first.


Prices are in pure and firm, so do not offer less. Item/unusual overpay is required.

Memory Leak Company Man: 26 keys, 38+ in items/unusuals ( price: 35 keys) - sold
Circling Peace Sign Thirst Blood: 16 keys, 22+ in items/unusuals ( price: 19 keys) - sold
Circling Peace Sign Tyrant´s Helm: 24 keys + 4 ref, 32+ in items/unusuals ( price: 28 keys) - sold
Steaming Handyman´s Handle: 8 keys + 20 ref, 11+ in items/unusuals ( price: 9.5 keys)
Green Confetti Prince Tavish´s Crown: 14 keys + 13 ref, 20+ in items/unusuals ( price: 17.5 keys)
Green Energy Big Country: 35 keys, 45+ in items/unusuals ( price: 40 keys)
Green Confetti Bloke´s Bucket Hat: 10 keys + 20 ref, 14+ in items/unusuals ( price: 12 keys) - sold
Circling Peace Sign L´inspecteur: 12 keys, 16.5+ in items/unusuals ( price: 14.5 keys)
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Can u do like 13 keys
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Hey Thux!
I'm offering a c9 tavish crown for your peace L'inspectur and g.confetti Bloke's
VinhoVerde ツ
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Intrested in the handyman handle, can i add you to negotiate?
there´s nothing to negotiate, my price is firm
its ya boi
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I will buy that big country but I have to wait 7 seven days to get the money is there anyway you could hold it?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.