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Just looking for offers! This was my first unbox of the update so some could say I was quite happy :) I didnt even know that this came unusual haha~ It's tradable now so im just collecting offers.
One of the better looking skins
Perfect wear
Great effect
If it is a money trade where there is commision to a website (such as marketplace.tf), YOU pay the commision.


Trade offer link:

90 keys + Tesla Coil Towering Pillar of Hats ~by Datokah

Other notable offers:
$135 USD in Paypal
$130 USD in Paypal
Factory New Isotope Anodized Aloha Rocket Launcher
$120 USD in Paypal
$115 USD in either paypal or keys
Duped Burning Flames Stainless Pot
$100 USD
50 keys pure
Ether Trail B'aaarrgh-n-Bicorne
Aces High Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood
ⓅⓁⓈ | Mr.Propre
how much you're looking for ?
Honestly im just looking for offers right now. So offer away! Best offer wins haha
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I'll offer my frickin' sweet Ninja Hood for it. :3
I'll offer my Unusual Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood for it.
Thank you for the offer! Let me know if anything changes
50 keys pure
I like your offer but atm it doesnt beat my C/O, ill still put it on my offers though, thank you
how so 115 pay pal is 46 keys?
I value keys at $1.80 because if you check on outpost you can buy them for that amount or even less
i can do pay pal
120 usd
as soon as you can sell it
Alright, ill put that as my top C/O atm. Thank you
want to add me
The 28th we can talk more but if you want you can
what skin is it?
Tiger skin Factory New, looks pretty bad ass on basically everything
Could you upload a skin where you inspect it on minigun?
a screen*
Sure as soon as I get home
damn thats hot
Factory New isotpe anodized aloha Rocket Launcher.
No thank you, unless you add a decent amount of sweets
Will do. Added to discuss
90 Keys...which I have right now, along with mobile auth. Hit me up if you're interested.
Im interested, ill add you and when I get out of work ill talk to you
Do you have a trade offer link somewhere? Also, offering a sunbeams cloud crasher if you can add a bit possible? listings for it are ~150-160 keys
Not really looking to add, saw another Paint of the same effect go for 170 keys in unusual offers, if you want to discuss more however you can add me. Ill add my trade offer link asap
Ya I can see that happening, esp if its a high tier skin or strange, but okay sounds good, ill keep a lookout for your trade offer link
Idk if you saw but my link is up now, just letting you know now
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.