randy dandy o
Buying and selling spelled items. Pure heavily preferred. Expect to overpay in items. Prices are negotiable.

Bill's Hat (All Class Hat) (Bruised Purple Footprints) {Best Footprints, 1/1!} is priced at around 17 keys. Price negotiable.
Killer Exclusive (All Class Hat) (Spectral Spectrum) is around 12 keys. Price negotiable.
BMOC (All Class Hat) (Voices from Below) is around 12 keys. Price negotiable.
All-Father (All-Class Hat) (Spectral Spectrum & Voices from Below) {Double-spelled, 1/1!} is around 22 keys. Price negotiable.
Kringle Collection (Soldier Cosmetic) (1/1 in existence!) (Voices from Below) is around 3 keys.

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