Pampick ze Frosty Medic
Quickbuying new unusuals for listed prices
Price depending on effect, lowest i can do for any:

The Aztec Warrior - 50 keys
Jungle Wreath - 35 keys
The Crit Cloak - 15 keys
Feathered Fiend - 12 keys

Battle Boonie - 9 keys
Fat Man's Field Cap - 8 keys
Commando Elite - 9 keys

Offer/add me:
How much would you pay for a kill a wat fat mans field cap
Ohh in just spend last keys today :/ but I would pay around 9 keys for this unusual
how much would you pay for a darkblaze strange battle boonie?
Around 40 keys
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.