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Vintage Demoman's Fro with Team Spirit Footprints & Spectral Spectum spells 10 keys

Marsupial Muzzle with Team Spirit Footprints & Voices From Below 8 keys

Graybanns with Corpse Gray Footprints 7 keys

Graybanns with Sinister Staining 4 keys

Summer Shades with Spectral Spectrum 5 keys

Strange Blood Banker with Die Job 4 keys

Cut Throat Concierge painted The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime with Chromatic Corruption 3 keys

Birdman of Australiacatraz with Sinister Staining 2 keys
Can i have only the marsupial muzzle? send me a trade offer if you could give me only the marsupial muzzle
ha vegigolvastad volna a tradet lathatnad hogy 8 kulcsert arulom, nem 14 refert.
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send offer for summer shades
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.