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Aces High Antlers - 85 Keys                                                 Blizzardy Storm Pyro's Beanie - 15 Keys
Hot Mannana Peeled Rocket Launcher - 40-50 Keys         Aces High Ye oiled Baker Boy - 14 Keys
Steaming Exquisite Rack - 36 Key                                        Nuts n' Bolts Demoman's Fro - 9 Keys
Orbiting Fire Brainiac Hairpiece - 24 Keys                           Steaming Magnificent Mongolian - 9 Keys
All prices are in pure.Might discout some unusuals.Paying in Mixed and Unusuals require overpay.
\\ Archangel
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Blizz hallmark for beanie 1:1
If you wasn't duped I would take it but considering that I want you to add something at value of 1 Key.
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King of the Jungle (Min Wear) Minigun Isotope Effect for your Steaming Exquisite Rack + 10 keys?
Or a 1:1 trade for your rocket launcher
added you
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.