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Unusual offers are welcome! No overpay required!
19 key Bad Pipes Midnight Whirlwind
39 key Bad Pipes Screaming Tiger
53 key Zoomin Broom Hellish Inferno
47 key Zoomin Broom Silver Cyclone
35 key Soldier's Requiem Holy Grail
57 key Disco Fever Fountain of Delight
50 key Second Rate Sorcery Showstopper
70 key Second Rate Sorcery Screaming Tiger
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Haunted Ghosts Rather Festive Tree for Zoomin Hellish
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For 41 key hat I can offer Zoomin Silver Cyclone
Nah most I could add is 1 pure keys and 3 in items. All class 1st gen hat for a taunt
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Infernal Flames Jumping Jack for the hellish Broom?
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No, thank you
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.