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✠Mad Max✠
unboxed by me

quickselling for 65 keys

only interested in keys , dont add me send offer, thx

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✠Mad Max✠
besides lvl 100 which doesnt really matter i unboxed it so shortest possible history , if u dont like it go buy one of the 2 on for 85 each
why would I buy for full price if I am trying to search for quicksell not for 15% discount "quicksells" . Why you just wasting people's time by adding randomlly "quicksell" in your trade . Btw History doesn't matter at all .
✠Mad Max✠
xD this just shows your def new into trading been doing this fine since 2011 also you are probably a hardcore follower also dat senstence history doenst matter at all really shows you are def new into trading or u have no clue how importent history for certain ppl or collector is as for example one of the biggest purple fetti collector creamy if the item history is too long or red tags in there ( banned ppl) he doesnt buy them even if the purple fettis are 1 of 1 and 50% off dat just shows how importent history for certain ppl is , u will learn alot still so im not too worried and seeing your post and suggestion , take it easy
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Dont buy items from that ashole becasue he like kick players from MVM on the last wave for no reson...
✠Mad Max✠
lol i expect a comment in comment section, on a screenshor or a comment on mvm lobby but how sad must your life be when u have to point it out on a outpost trade xD also your where useless and no one on the interned or Outpost gives a flying fuck about you getting kicked xD
Why you use bad words? You are soo primitive XD When people see how big ashole you are they wont buy stuff from you and thats why i post this comand on outpost so evereone will know who are you!
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10 keys off isnt a quicksell xD
✠Mad Max✠
who said its 10 keys off ? befor being a smartass and hardcore follower u should consider back in 2011 sellers made there prics not a webside xD
Hey, could you do 65 pure?
✠Mad Max✠
hmmm i need keys so i could accept that ,send me an offer
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.