[50] Halolas
Some info about this item

I personally crafted this, all 200 unique roules.
This roule is the only clean collector's roule, and ontop of that it was never painted or traded, so it's the original item ID ( 1 person history )

I personally collect rogue's col roules, have one with everry paint, and mulitple craft #'ed roules, so I quite enjoy this item, but am listening to offers on this beauty.

If you want to add me to negotiate something, please post here first.
Do not add me without a post here.
[50] Halolas
Don't do drugs kids.
Would you be interested in a craft 58 Rogue's Col Roule?
[50] Halolas
I sure am, add me..
left hand on a forty
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would you be interested in a 1 of 1 sunbeams aviator assassin for the collectors col roule?
[50] Halolas
It's a cool offer, but I already have a beams spy hat, and cant really justify another, especially one as difficult to sell as I imagine yours would be.
left hand on a forty
i understand, tho i may be willing to add more on top of the beams aviator, is there anything in my bp that catches your interest by any chance?
[50] Halolas
I'm going to add you to discuss through steam
left hand on a forty
sounds good
How much pure would you take minimum on this thing? Could make an extremely decent pure offer.
[50] Halolas
140 would be my minimum in pure
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